Flaming Gorge,WY

Sunset from campsite 22

A pass-through spot for our first night off the road turned out to be a nice little gem. We camped at Firehole Canyon Campground, South on the 191 from Rock Springs. It was Friday evening, (on Labor Day weekend) and the campground was pretty empty. We had a great spot, site #22, with a pathway down to the lake. Girl, Guy and Dog swam and chased sticks (all 3 of us) while Gal was still trying to recuperate from a cold.

Word to the wise, this campground was great, but had it been full it would not have been such a great find. Unbeknownst to us when we picked this spot, 2 sites share one spot. So 20 and 22 are RIGHT next to each other. Our fire rings were maybe 6′ apart. If you came with a couple of families this would be great, though we prefer much more privacy and space with strangers. As much as we love people, we also love to love people from a distance while we are relaxing at camp.

Great start to our journey! We are looking forward to seeing and experiencing our beautiful country and will update when we can. If we are slacking on our posts, be certain there will be an influx in November!


6 thoughts on “Flaming Gorge,WY

  • Saw you guys driving through Grants Pass on Hwy 199 and got curious. How you don’t mind if I hang out and share your adventure!


  • Hi Liv,
    My mom and I saw you driving down the diagonal highway in Longmont before you headed out on you adventure. I was so jealous, but next summer I am planning an adventure like yours with my dad. Hope you have fun, love your dog!


    • Hi Griffin! Thanks for following my blog! We’re having a great time so far and I’m sure you will have an awesome time next summer with your dad too. My dog, Stella, says “thank you” too!


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