Moab and Beyond!

Double Arch, Moab

Our apologies for our weeks of silence! After we left Yellowstone, it appeared the nasty weather was planning on following us East. We were desperate for sun and warmth so we decided to head Southwest to meet up with some good friends from Durango in Moab, UT. We passed through Boulder on our way, it was cold and rainy here too, but we managed to dry out a little bit and regroup at our house while dreaming of the desert sun.

We left in an early morning rainstorm which quickly turned to ice and snow as we crept along I-70 and through the tunnel. After a harrowing start to the drive, we finally saw blue skies in Eagle that morning, the first in 13 days! The Aspens were bursting with color, the sun was shining and we were ecstatic to finally have the wipers off.

Moab was a blast! It was nice to hang out and relax after our incredible Yellowstone tour. We had great company, Girl had a posse’ of kids to play with and we had a great campsite, great riding, great hiking and great weather (except for the back to back lightening filled torrential downpours). We finally caught the sun and just in time to celebrate Gal’s birthday under the desert stars.

With the many leaking issues with our tent and truck shell coupled with the never ending rain, we made the executive decision to halt the camping. We didn’t want to give up on our plans to check out Niagara Falls and visit some awesome friends in PA. So, we booked some cheap plane tickets to Buffalo, NY, rented a car and drove across the border. As a special treat for Girl, we booked 2 nights at the Great Wolf Lodge in Ontario, Canada. This place was amazing. It was like Vegas for kids! We were all thoroughly entertained and we were able to visit Niagara Falls on a beautiful, sunny day.

Niagara Falls is one of those places that you see photos and videos of, but once you see it in person you realize the photos don’t do it justice. It’s spectacular and truly a sight to be seen. The pure power of that amount of water is mesmerizing and humbling.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Even though we were done driving, we drove another 415 miles to Warrington, PA to stay with our super rad friends Josh, Jen and Tayler. We took a side trip to NYC by train (we took truck, car, ferry, canoe, boat, train, plane, bike and of course feet on our journey) and stayed a night in the city to show Girl what is was all about. We ate delicious food, played in Central Park, walked to Times Square and saw Aladdin on Broadway (I think we may have sat on the roof) and took a really fun New York Media Boat tour on the Hudson. We zipped around for an hour and a half stopping at over 40 NY sites. The weather was unseasonably warm and our guide was really fun and knowledgeable. Girl was super stoked to see the Statue of Liberty and ride up front catching the waves. Gal almost always gets seasick but didn’t have any problems on this tour. No fighting the masses or craning your neck to see a site. If you are ever in New York and want to see as much as you can of the beautiful city, we highly recommend this small boat adventure!


We had a great weekend with our friends in PA. We spent time in the quaint town of New Hope, toured Washington’s Crossing and sampled delicious local brews. Girl was anxious to get back to school. We got home Monday night and she was awake at 6:30 am on Tuesday dressed and ready to go.


Happy Gal’s in PA

While our journey may not have had all the camping and driving we originally set out to do, we realized the importance of fluidity and the ability to be flexible. We had an incredible journey nonetheless, we changed many plans along the way and saw some of the most beautiful sites in the world. We would strongly encourage anybody reading this to check out the treasures our own country possesses. The United States is full of magic and wonder and it is very much worth exploring.

To our friends in the South: Don’t worry! We plan on visiting your neck of the woods soon. Right now though, it’s nice to be home visiting our favorite trails, watching the leaves change, getting ready for ski and ride season and pondering our next route and adventure. Cheers and happy exploring!

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