The Redwoods by Liv

Big Tree, it was a REALLY big tree

The Redwoods are massive and people spend a lot of time looking up. Even my dad ran into a Redwood because he was looking up! So here is my Redwoods post I hope you like it!

Hiking in the Redwoods is the best thing ever! The Redwoods are where I want to live! Like I could live in a Redwood tree, they make me feel like an ant. The 5 days I was there were the best 5 days of my life! All I could say was WOW! Every once in a while there would be benches on the trails made out of Redwood and they had plaques with peoples names, I sat on some of them.

I biked a lot of loops around the campgrounds and campsite 7 was amazing. It had a huge log you could go under. It was the only site that had a log you could go under, but it was a small site. The table and bear bin were really close to each other. Our site 109 was the BEST and 7 might have been the next best.

Everywhere you turn there’s clovers. It’s clover/banana slug heaven. I got to hold banana slugs and they are slimy. I got slime all over hands and wiped it on my shirt and it took a long time to get clean but the slime was still kind of there.

The Redwoods are a place everyone should go. Thanks for reading my post,


Canoeing at Dillon Reservoir

Hi! This is Liv (Girl).

This is my first time writing in our blog! I decided to write about canoeing at Dillon Reservoir. We canoed at Dillon Reservoir 2 times on our test run camping trip. The first time we took the canoe out it was really mellow until we came back. The wind picked up really high and the waves grew bigger. The boat rocked a lot. It was fun but scary, like a ride. We got to shore safely. I was like “Feeew! Our boat didn’t tip!” Which was a good thing, because it was our dog, Stella’s first time in a canoe.

The second time canoeing it was better. It wasn’t very wavy because we went in the morning. It wasn’t very windy and it was sunny. I loved it and Stella did too! The water was really shallow where we were canoeing. I dragged my fishing line in the water and almost caught a fish! I saw my line and a fish was following it! It tried to bite but I think we were going too fast. I didn’t want this canoeing trip to end. I’m excited to go again soon!IMG_0052