Sequim Bay

sunriseHi Guys! It’s Liv (aka Girl). This post is about Sequim Bay. I hope you like it!

Sequim Bay (pronounced Squim) is amazing. There are many opportunities to hike, bike, boat and be outdoors. Our camp site was really close to the bay. So when I got to take Stella on walks I took her down to the bay. I was looking at the ocean with binoculars and saw an otter. One morning I woke up really late and my dad told me that an otter was teasing him. I told him I wasn’t surprised because otters are funny.

I went on a hike and it was so beautiful. When we got back from the hike we went to the river. There was a really good swimming hole. The water was the prettiest color teal and I liked that I could cross all of the river rocks. My mom did something amazing. She built this tall rock pyramid. She put tiny rock stacks on the rock pyramid. It looked like a rock castle!

After the hike we went biking on the Olympic Discovery Trail. There were many different color leaves on the trail and we could peek at the bay through the trees. At one point we got to get off our bikes and pick blackberries. Everyone of them were a different flavor. They were the best blackberries ever! I felt like a black bear grabbing blackberries and stuffing them in my mouth. It was so delicious. When we finally stopped eating blackberries we kept on riding. After a few minutes down the path we saw some people picking blackberries and putting them in a bucket. It was a great idea!

Not everyone can visit Sequim but if you go to Washington go to Sequim Bay!


2 thoughts on “Sequim Bay

  • Thanks Liv, you are a great storyteller! I wanted to taste those blackberries. Hope you tell us more stories about your adventure.


  • Hi, Olivia! Washington is a beautiful state! (Your Great Grandpa Lauran was born in Washougal, Washington.) Sequin Bay sounds like a gorgeous location— the pretty teal blue color of the water sure sounds like a contrast to the warm, murky water in Flaming Gorge, Wyoming! What did the otter do to tease your dad? Are you sure that your dad is not teasing you??!! Your mom is SO CREATIVE— I’ll bet her rock pyramid was astonishing!! Yum, yum, blackberries— did you bring a bucket?? Not a bad idea to collect some blackberries for tomorrow, before the bears eat them all!!
    This Bear loves you dearly!! XO Oma.


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